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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A new day, a new blog!

Welcome to my blog!! What an exciting new thing to do. I'm going to apologize in advance if it takes me a few posts to figure this out...

I'd like to start by saying thank you so much for visiting! I am really excited to start this new chapter in my life. Who would have thought even a year ago that I would have a sewing machine, let alone my own online boutique? It just goes to show you anything is possible, and life is truly amazing. So why did I start this boutique adventure? Bottom line is that I'm cheap. Really. I LOVE the look of designer things for children, but just can't bring myself to pay for them!! While I was pregnant with Katelyn, I would go to stores and see all of these cute things that I wanted to get, but didn't want to pay full price for... so one day it hit me, why not make it myself?? So I started taking a closer look at things, and tried to see if I could figure out how to make them. After a few really bad attempts, things started working out, and one by one things started to look like what I was seeing in stores. 7 months later here I am! I truly believe that every child deserves beautiful things, and I'm proud to offer them at reasonable prices. Please check back soon for pictures of my inventory!! You can also check out my website that I'm in the process of putting together.



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  1. Yea for you!! I am excited and happy that you have found an outlet for your creativity. All the best and can't wait to see what you have made.